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There are ways to minimize impact of divorce at work

The process of ending a marriage comes with tasks and emotions that must be handled during the course of one's regular duties. While it is impossible to keep one's personal and work lives completely separate, it is possible to reduce the impact of a divorce on the job. Colorado residents may wish to implement some strategies to minimize how much a divorce can affect the job.

Though one may wish to keep personal affairs completely separate from his or her professional life, a divorce makes this impractical. Try to arrange a schedule that allows for handling affairs in the least disruptive manner. One of the first suggestions is to set aside a time during the day when divorce business can be handled efficiently. During this time, phone calls and emails can be completed in order to streamline communications. Along with limiting communications, it is recommended that only those co-workers or partners who may need to be informed of the divorce are brought up to date early on.

If possible, any requests for information related to financial verifications should be submitted all at once. This will limit disruptions and allow one to maintain a level of privacy and professionalism. In addition, if a work computer is used for divorce documents, it is recommended that a folder be designated and kept separate from other files. Furthermore, take care to safeguard all personal paperwork and inform a secretary of any court hearings ahead of time to ensure that both business and the divorce is approached in an organized and professional manner.

Lastly, ensure that all communications regarding the divorce are limited to personal email accounts and phone numbers. Using a business email could lead to information being shared with unintended parties. Though a divorce is never easy,  finding a balance can help maintain a sense of order. Colorado residents may benefit from the guidance provided by an experienced attorney who can focus on negotiating the best settlement terms.

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