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Protecting a property you own is a paramount concern when trying to keep a business profitable. This is especially true when you are a landlord, or when you own an investment property and are trying to avoid potential legal problems and the costs associated with them. You need a competent real estate lawyer on your side who can help you tackle issues as they arise or proactively counsel you as the law changes.

Throughout Colorado, people seek our firm because of our firm founder's extensive knowledge of the real estate laws, including the new legislation concerning the warranty of habitability. We protect your property, your investment and the rights that come with being or employing a landlord.

Littleton Eviction Lawyers

If you own or lease commercial or residential property, you want an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to protect your interests. The eviction process has very specific rules, and you can easily risk losing legal rights by failing to follow procedure. You want an attorney who understands the law and process and who has successfully helped others in similar circumstances.

Warrant Of Habitability

New statutes recently enacted in Colorado now mandate that a landlord makes sure a residential premise is fit for human habitation. This warrant of habitability changes the law that used to make the tenant accept the condition of the unit as is or with a "buyer beware" attitude. We can help landlords and property owners make sure their dwellings are in compliance with the new warrant of habitability standards. We also help prevent and defend clients from tenant claims associated with warrant of habitability issues.

Security Deposits

Colorado has specific rules regarding when and how security deposits are handled. Landlords failing to head these rules face treble (triple) damages and paying a tenant's attorney's fees for wrongful retention of deposits. We can consult you on how to properly handle tenant security deposits.

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We provide counsel in commercial lease matters and focus our practice on the rights of property owners, lessors / landlords, homeowners’ associations and management professionals. To arrange a confidential consultation, contact us or call (720) 900-4798. This consultation will provide insight and guidance to help both new and seasoned landlords and commercial tenants understand and navigate the complex legal area of leasing property and the headaches that come with it.