Retainers, Fees And Consultations

The Law Office of Brandon R. Ceglian, P.C., keeps retainers low and affordable. We offer low "evergreen" retainers, which essentially operate like a payment plan. Clients provide a low, up-front retainer, and simply must make a payment to bring it current each month after billing. We offer discounted rates with large retainers.

Consultations: We also offer low cost consultations. We also offer flat fee landlord / tenant consultations that provide not only advice, but relevant forms and resources.

Our rates are competitive, but more importantly we use the most efficient technology and do not overstaff our matters -- and this can save thousands. We also have multiple billing options, including flat fee options and contingency fees. We offer "unbundled" legal services as well, which allows us to represent you on an "a la carte" basis as you represent yourself in litigation. We can help you draft pleadings, advise along the way, and help you during mediation.