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Parents: Expect some unexpected childcare expenses after divorce

Once the ink is dry on a decree after the marriage is over, many parents think that life will eventually settle into a fairly predictable pattern. However, as every parent comes to know, children come with many unanticipated expenses. Even after a divorce, Colorado parents can expect to have to communicate with a former spouse over unexpected costs relating to their children.

Most child support orders try to cover all of the basic needs of a child, taking into account the parent's financial ability to meet certain obligations. Unfortunately, unexpected costs, such as music lessons or space camp, may catch parents off guard. In some cases, one parent may feel strongly that an activity or lesson is an unnecessary expense. In these cases, if the other parent is financially capable of bearing the costs, that may be a preferable solution. Dragging a parent back to court may wind up costing several times more than the proposed activity.

On the other hand, each parent may find certain activities that they elect to do on their own without expecting the other parent to contribute. There may be a situation where one parent passes down a vehicle to a child and the other parent contributes to the upkeep of said vehicle. In addition, if one parent is financially challenged, then he or she may offer to find less costly ways to compensate the other parent for unexpected expenses. 

Though it may not work for every situation, financial professionals suggest that parents find a way to compromise over these unexpected costs whenever possible. Furthermore, in circumstances when it is impossible to fulfill a child's request, it is recommended that the explanation does not paint a parent as the villain or make the child feel responsible for a divorce or financial difficulties. Colorado residents who are unsure how to reach the best solutions for their family's needs may seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

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