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April 2019 Archives

A prenuptial agreement is an essential part of a marriage plan

It is estimated that more than one-third of marriages today will end in a divorce. In the past, only the wealthy or more prominent members of society would consider a prenuptial agreement an essential element in wedding plans. However, Colorado residents who are planning to marry are encouraged to consider the merits of drafting these important documents.

Tax changes may affect significant impact on divorce settlements

There was much public debate over the proposed changes when Congress overhauled the tax laws last year. One of the biggest changes was the effect the new laws would have on divorce and the subject of alimony payments. Colorado residents who are preparing for a divorce are advised to take these tax changes into consideration since they may affect a settlement agreement.

Divorce can lead to tendency not to discuss money problems

When things are going well in life, people want to share good news with friends and family. On the other hand, when there are difficulties in life, including a divorce, people are less inclined to be open to conversations about financial struggles. Colorado residents who are facing a divorce often worry about their personal finances.

Recovery after divorce may mean putting one's self first

The vast majority of people are taught to care for the needs of others while growing up. While this is noble in many aspects, it can cause an individual to forget that he or she also has valid needs and dreams. Both during a divorce and afterward, Colorado residents may find it easier to recover from the ordeal if they work to put their needs and goals first.

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