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Parents' social media posts could impact child custody decisions

Social media often plays a significant role in people's daily lives. However, there are times when a public post can have a negative impact on the life of the one who is sharing personal details. When it comes to child custody disputes, it may be better for Colorado parents to refrain from sharing certain aspects of their personal lives.

Every state has its own child custody laws that will have an influence on how a judge will determine custody arrangements. While it is becoming more commonplace for states to ensure that children are granted more access to both parents, there are times when a judge may reconsider whether one parent can provide the best environment to meet a child's needs. If a parent is sharing photos from a party that may have taken place while caring for the child, or is posting other images of a questionable nature, then a court may take these things into consideration.

One man, who is married to a celebrity, recently took to his social media account to bitterly complain about a private incident that resulted in him being removed from the couple's home by police. The wife then obtained a temporary protective order to bar him from the premises. While it is the right of anyone to use social media the way they see fit, doing so could have an adverse effect on a custody battle.

It is unclear at this time whether the couple will reunite after their dispute. If the father will be seeking child custody, then social media postings may play a role in a future decision. Colorado parents who are currently caught up in a child custody dispute may be struggling to reach an agreement that will best meet their child's needs. An experienced family law attorney can help them create a plan that will ensure that their child enjoys a safe and secure upbringing.

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