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Stepparent adoption is another aspect of family law

When one thinks of adoption, it is likely that one pictures a home comprised of a mother and father who are opening their home to a child in need. However, another aspect of family law is the formal adoption of a child by a new stepparent. Though this is the second most common type of adoption, it is one that Colorado families may not consider to be as life-changing for the child involved.

Even though stepparent adoption occurs frequently, it may be viewed as a mere formality with little impact on the life of the child. However, any time one parent is seen as replacing another, it can be of monumental importance from the child's perspective. While in a traditional adoption parents are encouraged to share as much information as they can with their adopted child, this may not occur as openly in a stepparent adoption. When a spouse steps up to take the place of an absent parent, it may leave a lasting impression on the self-esteem of the child.

Rather than shutting the absent parent completely out of the family's life, the biological parent is encouraged to share any positive aspects of the other parent with the child. If one hears only negative comments about the character of the missing parent, the child may tend to form a negative impression of him or herself as the offspring of the one who is found lacking. It is also suggested that the bond between the remaining biological parent and the child be nurtured as much as possible.

The family formed by a stepparent adoption is often a strong and cohesive unit. As long as parents take the time to consider the impact this adoption has on the child, the transition will likely be a successful one. Colorado families who are seeking to take this step may benefit from the assistance of experienced family law attorneys.

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