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Work-related stress may lead to increased risk of divorce

There are many reasons why a marriage may not survive. Some of the most common reasons that couples divorce are believed to be caused by extramarital affairs or by other changes in the relationship. Regardless of the reasons, Colorado residents who are considering taking this step often have many issues that may be difficult to resolve on their own.

According to some recent studies conducted over the past several years, one of the reasons that a couple may end their marriage is due to outside stresses. One couple recently spoke about how their family venture, a bakery, is believed to have been the root cause for why their relationship fell apart. Even though the couple had children together, the assistance of a relative to care for the children enabled the couple to put in long hours to keep their business thriving.

Both parties agreed that if they had started another type of enterprise, their marriage may have survived. However, the long working hours and the stress of running the company eventually took a toll on the relationship. This is not an isolated example, as researchers are discovering that other couples have pointed to stress outside of the relationship as a major factor in their own divorce decision.

While reducing work hours or changing careers may not be possible for many couples, the awareness of how stress is effecting a marriage may allow a couple to take steps to work on their relationship. Unfortunately, in many circumstances, there are other factors that are playing a role in the demise of the relationship. Colorado residents who find themselves facing a divorce and are uncertain as to how to proceed in a manner that will preserve their financial stability may choose to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can help them arrive at the best settlement agreement that will best meet their needs.

Source:, "The tale of two exes whose intense work schedules contributed to their divorce is a cautionary tale for any modern couple", Shana Lebowitz, March 1, 2018

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