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Fathers actively support new child custody proposal bill

When the relationship between parents comes to an end, children are frequently caught in the middle. In spite of each party's best intentions, child custody agreements often favor one parent over the other. Though Colorado has its own approach when determining parenting plans for minors, many states have recently reviewed how custody is decided.

Fathers in one state recently voiced their support of a new proposal that would require family court judges to consider equally shared custody in those cases where doing so would be appropriate. Several recent studies have provided indications that children who are permitted equal access to both mothers and fathers tend to show greater success in all areas of their lives, including academically, socially and emotionally. The bill would request that judges consider equal custody in those cases where doing so would be in the best interest of the child.

One father expressed his support of this type of proposal. While he and his child's mother do purportedly have a shared custody agreement, he stated that the time he is granted with his son is not equal. In spite of the challenges and difficulties that may exist in the relationship between parents, this father believes that children should not have to suffer the consequences.

The Illinois legislature has not taken any further actions on the proposed law since it was submitted late last year. There are likely many Colorado parents who are currently struggling to decide on the best child custody arrangement for their children. For these situations, and any others that are related to divorce or separation, residents may elect to seek information and advice from an experienced family law attorney in order to arrive at the best solutions for their particular needs.

Source:, "Dads fight for 50/50 child custody bill", Rachel Droze, Feb. 8, 2018

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