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Drafting a prenuptial agreement can be a joint effort

At the beginning of many relationships, couples often tend to tread lightly when the conversation turns to money -- especially when one is more financially stable than the other. However, if a marriage is in the plans, then it may be more beneficial to address the issue of a prenuptial agreement early in the planning. Though the idea of discussing this type of contract may be uncomfortable, it is likely that Colorado residents can do so with a little finesse and planning.

While there are many valid reasons to draft a prenup, many people seem reluctant to broach the topic for fear it will upset their significant other. However, there are ways to bring the subject up and present it in a positive light. The first step may be to bring the topic up early and in a casual manner. If it goes over well, then future discussions may be easier.

It may be helpful to remind a partner that every marriage will end in some manner, and a prenup can ease the path forward for both parties. Having a prenup can ensure that each one is treated fairly in the event of a divorce, and it will save time, money and emotional energy if a contract is already in place. In addition, these agreements can be beneficial to the less wealthy spouse, as he or she will have a better understanding how he or she will fare after a dissolution. 

Lastly, it may ease the mind of the intended spouse if both parties have a hand in creating the contract. If both are contributing his or her expectations, then the drafting of the prenuptial agreement may help ease anxiety over the fairness of such documents. Colorado residents who wish to learn more about creating these important agreements may seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can provide assistance in ensuring that any agreements will meet one's particular needs. 

Source: HuffPost, "How To Bring Up A Prenup Without Sounding Like A Jerk", Brittany Wong, Jan. 19, 2018

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