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Making sure that divorce is the best path forward

Very few people expect to receive marital advice from a legal professional whose line of business is processing the end of marriages. In reality, however, very few divorce attorneys relish the thought of ending a marriage that could possibly be saved. Most approach their role as facilitating a fair and favorable divorce for couples who have exhausted all efforts to remain happily married. To that end, the following advice is offered in the hopes of giving Colorado spouses the tools needed to determine if divorce is truly the best course of action.

Simply considering divorce does not necessarily mean that a relationship is doomed to fail. Marriages go through ups and downs, and many issues that seem incredibly important at the time can be worked through and moved past. An important part of preserving a healthy marriage is making one's concerns clear as they arise. That means discussing issues with each other, instead of masking displeasure and making passive-aggressive attempts to remedy the situation.

Another important issue is to determine whether both partners still share the same expectations about their roles within the union. Over time, expectations about which partner will handle which aspects of family management might change. Bringing this matter up is a good way to uncover any resentments that may be brewing and to take a proactive stance toward making changes.

Spouses should also carefully consider whether they would truly be more happy without having their partner in their life. Often, spouses focus only on the negative aspects of their marriage and fail to give fair weight to the good things about their partner. Before divorce becomes reality, it is important to take the time to truly think about these issues.

Colorado spouses should exhaust every effort to determine whether their marriage can be saved before taking steps toward divorce. Of course, not every marriage can be saved, and not every relationship should continue. However, divorce is a serious matter and one that should never be taken lightly. Most divorce attorneys would prefer to assist clients through this transition in the knowledge that they have made a fully informed decision, and are not acting solely out of emotion.

Source: New York Times, "11 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Divorce", Eric V. Copage, May 17, 2017

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