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Avoid racking up excessive legal costs during divorce

Ending a marriage comes at a cost, but there are steps that Colorado spouses can take to keep those costs under control. One of the most impactful involves making every effort to avoid unnecessary legal fees. That means avoiding fighting over small things during the property division portion of a divorce.

No one sets out to have a monstrous battle over the family photos or the wedding china, but that is very often what takes place. Divorce can be a highly emotional time, and spouses can find themselves behaving far differently than they otherwise might. That can result in a bitter and heated debate over items of personal property that have relatively little value. When spouses involve their attorneys in those battles, the cost of legal fees very quickly dwarfs the value of the items in question.

For example, consider the division of family photos. It is understandable that both parties would want to keep pictures of their children, extended family members and family gatherings. However, long gone are the days when couples had to sit down and divide the box of family photos. Instead of having attorneys negotiate who will get what, why not send the photos to a print shop, where they can be scanned onto a digital storage device or printed? That service costs far less than legal expenses, and both sides can "win."

When it comes to wedding china, is that really something worth spending hundreds or thousands of dollars fighting over? If it is truly an important thing to both parties, research the cost of purchasing a second set, so that each spouse can have that visual reminder of a happier time. While china isn't cheap, it is likely to cost far less than a lengthy legal argument over who gets to keep the soup bowls. At the end of the day, making these types of small compromises during the course of a divorce is a wise financial move, and can help both Colorado spouses save money that can be put to use in structuring their new lives as singles.   

Source: The Huffington Post, "10 Things I Learned As A Divorce Attorney", A. Rodriguez, Dec. 6, 2016

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