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August 2016 Archives

Addressing athletic training during child custody negotiations

Each and every Colorado family is unique, and no two sets of parents will have the exact same issues at play within their divorce and custody case. In the immediate aftermath of the summer Olympics, the topic of athletic training seems timely. Divorcing parents who have kids that are serious about sports should think about including the issue within their child custody negotiations.

Tips on choosing the right family law attorney

In many cases, Colorado couples want to end their marriage in a manner that is collaborative and cooperative, and wish to avoid an excess of stress and drama as the process unfolds. That is an admirable approach, and one that can have many positive outcomes. That said, it is also important to make wise decisions during a divorce, and one of the most impactful decisions that any divorcing spouse will make involves selecting their family law attorney.

Mother wins first step in child custody fight

The vast majority of Colorado custody battles feature two parents who cannot come to terms over the care and custody of a shared child. Not every child custody case, however, meets that standard. In a recent high profile case, a mother lost custody of her child after leaving the girl in foster care for a period of two years. The most recent hearing in the case resulted in a judgment that will allow the mother to revisit the custody issue.

Child custody and a brand-new school year

With the last days of summer right around the corner, many Colorado parents are preparing for the kids heading back to school. For those who have gone through a recent divorce and/or child custody case, this year's back-to-school list may include a few new checkpoints. The following information is provided in the hopes of helping parents create the best possible school environment for kids who are coming to terms with an altered child custody arrangement.

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