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These conditions suggest a good time for a divorce

Once a Colorado spouse has decided that his or her marriage is beyond repair, the next step involves determining when to pull the trigger on the legal end to the union. It can be hard to know when the time is right to go ahead and move forward with a divorce, but there are certain circumstances that make some times better than others. The following are signs that the time may be ripe for filing for divorce.

One indication that a divorce should be initiated is when a spouse is experiencing excessive stress or signs of depression related to the conditions within the marriage. One's health is the most important consideration at any time of life. Living with elevated stress and signs of depression can significantly lower a person's quality of life and can lead to more serious health issues down the road. When stress and depression are factors, it is time to go ahead and file for divorce.

Another indication that divorce should be a priority is when both spouses are gainfully employed and hold a relative degree of financial stability. Divorce can be expensive, and moving from a combined household to two separate residences can take a toll on one's savings. Make this move before there is a job loss or serious financial strain, and both parties will fare better for having gone through the divorce during more financially stable times.

Understanding when to pull the plug on a failed Colorado marriage is never an easy task. That said, there are situations that can make it far easier to file with a clean conscience. Moving forward with a divorce when both parties are in a solid financial position is the best path forward for all involved. Moving on when one's health is at risk is just good plain common sense.

Source: The Huffington Post, "7 Reasons You Can't Afford NOT To Get Divorced", Jason Levoy, June 20, 2016

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