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April 2016 Archives

Tips for avoiding credit woes during and after a Colorado divorce

Moving through the end of a marriage can wreak havoc on the financial standing of both parties. At the end of this process, it is not uncommon for Colorado spouses to encounter a drop in their credit scores. In order to minimize the negative impact that divorce can have on credit scoring, it is necessary to take preventative steps and to address any issues as they arise. This is an area where an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

Facebook can play a role in many divorce cases

Most Colorado readers are aware that social media is becoming a major component in many people's lives. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others are also beginning to find their way into family court cases. Often, social media is brought in as evidence of a party's misdeeds, such as when one parent claims that the other is unfit to parent a shared child after a divorce. Other times, photos and information gleaned from social media is used to support a spouse's claim that his or her ex can afford to increase spousal support or child support payments.

Collaborative law offers an alternative path to divorce

Ending a marriage requires a great many decisions, especially for those in Colorado who share children. When spouses take a combative stance, the entire process is slowed, and the divorce becomes more of a battle than a mutual agreement to go down separate paths. For those who want to avoid high levels of contention and stress, collaboration offers a different approach.

Understanding how divorce will impact a mortgage

Determining what to do with the family home is among the most difficult decisions that a divorcing couple will make. In many cases, one or both spouses feel a strong attachment to their homes and do not want to move on from that property. When this occurs, a greater degree of negotiation is sometimes called for, leaving Colorado couples with a reduced number of options during their divorce.

Child custody matter focuses on Native American ancestry

A highly polarizing case has led to the removal of a child from her foster home, and has sparked debate in Colorado and across the nation about how racial identity should be factored into such cases. The child was placed in another home due to the fact that she has a small percentage of Native American ancestry. This child custody matter is possible due to the Indian Child Welfare Act, and many are using the case to point out the flaws of that law.

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