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December 2015 Archives

Did child custody process favor money over rights?

A highly controversial child custody case is making its way through the appellate system in one Northeastern state, and it has led to debate in Colorado and elsewhere. At issue is whether a mother who lived in poverty lost her child custody rights due to her disadvantaged financial circumstances. While the mother may have won the most recent battle, her chances of getting her daughter back are still uncertain.

Options for doctors who are considering divorce

Recent research suggests that among health care professionals, doctors have some of the lowest rates of divorce. Even so, the demands of a career in medicine can place a toll on a marriage, and some Colorado physicians will end up contemplating divorce. If and when that happens, it is imperative to understand the options available and to know that not every divorce follows the same predictable path.

Will the New Year bring an uptick in divorce filings?

As the holiday season rushes past, thoughts turn to the coming New Year and the promise of new beginnings. For many in Colorado, 2016 will be the year that they end an unhappy marriage. Most of those spouses already know that divorce is in the cards for the coming year, but many will postpone discussing the matter until after the holidays have passed.

How social media can have a negative impact on divorce

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of other social media outlets give Colorado residents a means of reaching out and making connections across the world. While social media has a number of undeniable benefits, it is important to realize that there are risks involved in creating such a public persona. This is especially true during the course of a divorce, when appearance can be everything, and one small social media misstep can turn into the center of a legal argument.

After divorce, woman loses fight for frozen embryos

A groundbreaking case has ended in a loss for a woman who fought to save her frozen embryos. The story centers on a man and woman who went through fertility treatment prior to their divorce. After the marriage ended, the woman wanted to use the embryos that were created through that process to have a child. The man wanted the embryos to be destroyed. For many in Colorado who have struggles with their own infertility issues, the case strikes a nerve.

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