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Couples can benefit from creating a divorce statement

For those in Colorado who follow celebrity news, it would seem as if 2015 has been a difficult year for celebrity marriages. Each week in recent months has seen the announcement of one or more high-profile divorce cases, in industries ranging from film, television, music and more. While each divorce case is unique, regardless of the level of fame that the spouses have achieved, celebrity divorces often share something in common: the divorce statement. For the rest of us, there are valuable lessons to be learned in the example set forth by most high-profile couples.

Creating a divorce statement is nothing more than taking the time to reflect on the public message that one would like to send concerning his or her divorce, and then memorizing an abbreviated version of that message. In the best case scenario, both spouses will work together to create a shared divorce statement. However, an individual spouse can also put this valuable tool to use.

The best divorce statements are neutral in tone and put a positive spin on the change in family status, while also expressing remorse that the marriage is coming to an end. This gives spouses the chance to control the message that friends and family receive about the end of the marriage. It can also go a long way toward shutting down invasive lines of questioning or discussions about very personal matters. Divorce is a private affair, and spouses who are able to convey the basics about the issue can keep their focus on the divorce process itself, instead of becoming mired in discussion on how and why the relationship is ending.

While most Colorado residents have lives that are far removed from the celebrity world, it is possible to take notes on the manner in which high profile couples discuss their divorce with the media. Crafting a thoughtful divorce statement can give spouses the power to control the public tone of their divorce, even if that public is comprised only of friends, co-workers and family members. While many of the choices made by celebrities are of questionable taste or wisdom, the manner in which they handle divorce is often an exception to that rule.

Source: The Huffington Post, "What Do Celebrity Divorces Have That We Don't... But Should?", Karen Covy, Aug. 12, 2015

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