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Falling Colorado divorce rate gives residents hope for future

Studies of divorce rates are done annually in every state in the nation. In Colorado, the good news is that the divorce rate is the lowest it has been since 2004. According to a recent report, there are a few reasons why there are now only 4.08 divorces in the state per 1000 residents.

Couples who have college educations are found to be partially responsible for the falling divorce rate. When both a husband and a wife have college degrees, there is a significant increase in the chance of marital success for two reasons. First, college graduates generally marry later in life, and they are usually more financially stable. Also, more educated men accept their educated counterparts abilities to contribute better than do non-educated men.

Second, couples in Colorado are waiting until they are older to marry. Scientists say that the part of the brain that regulates emotion does not mature until around age 25. Therefore, when couples wait until later to marry, they are actually, scientifically, more mature. In fact, in 1964, the average marriage age for a man was 23.1 and for a woman 20.5, but, in 2014, the averages ages were 29 and 27, respectively.

Falling divorce rates are a good sign for Colorado residents and their families, but, unfortunately, there are still couples in the state whose marriages do not work. Those who have trouble in their marriages and are considering divorce may want to seek the help of experienced family law attorneys. These attorneys can answer divorce-related questions and provide guidance and support throughout the divorce process.

Source:, "The divorce rate in Colorado is at its lowest level in a decade", Ben Markus, March 5, 2015

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