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Apple CEO divorce battle may not be over

Although the divorce was final in 2011, the battle between Apple executive John Sculley and his ex-wife may not be over. The former Mrs. Sculley has recently filed a lawsuit that claims her ex-husband hid millions of dollars in assets at the time of their divorce. If these claims are true, that would mean that their divorce agreement, particularly regarding spousal support, property division and other financial terms, may not fairly reflect an equitable distribution of marital assets. 

The original terms of their divorce agreement were not reported. However, the lawsuit alleges that Sculley lied and misrepresented his financial status during the divorce. As Colorado readers know, both spouses must honestly disclose all financial information when they divorce. Failure to do so could result in legal complications in the future, as seen in this particular case. 

It is possible that this lawsuit may result in additional money awarded to the wife, though it remains to be seen what the court will decide. Colorado couples, even ones with fewer assets, will want to ensure that accurate financial reports are provided. This can be done by enlisting the assistance of an attorney experienced in handling divorce proceedings. 

During a divorce, each party typically benefits by separately retaining legal counsel experienced in financially complex family law matters. This can ensure that a person has all of the information needed to make well-informed decisions, as well as arrive at a binding and comprehensive settlement agreement. If an individual suspects that his or her spouse is hiding assets, an attorney can help untangle the web and protect important legal interests.

Source:, "Former Apple CEO being sued by ex for 'hiding millions' in divorce", Emily Smith, Jan. 25, 2015

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