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Interesting correlations in gray divorce

It has now become a widely known fact that a particular type of divorce known as gray divorce is on the rise. A gray divorce is considered to be -- in Colorado as well as the rest of the country -- a divorce in which one or both separating spouses is over 50 years old. Recent research has found some very interesting correlations when comparing grey divorce to other age groups.

For example, the number of divorces among the portion of the population ages 50 and over has more than doubled since 1990. Most of the couples were in their first marriages, and the majority of these cases were individuals who had been married over 20 years. However, the percentage of divorces among remarried persons was higher in each age group.

Many of these marriages also did not seem to have a lot of contention between spouses; instead, the individuals just seemed to grow apart as time went on. The changing role of women in society also seems to have a connection with the increase divorce rate amongst older Americans. Another interesting correlation is the fact that divorce, in general, is much more likely to occur within that portion of the population with less formal education. 

Since gray divorce is more likely to occur with couples in their first marriage, the divorce process may seem unfamiliar and even intimidating. Additionally, for individuals who may be less aware -- or at least not familiar with the complex inner workings of the legal side of divorce -- it can seem even more challenging. Luckily, Colorado professionals are available to help anyone seeking guidance and assistance.

Source: The Washington Post, "Till Death Do Us Part? No way. Gray Divorce on the Rise", Brigid Schulte, Oct. 8, 2014

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