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Billionaire Ken Griffin says prenuptial agreement is valid

Although prenuptial agreements can be a solid tool for protecting assets and other financial interests in the event of a divorce, a soon-to-be ex may still argue that the agreement is unfair. However, invalidating a prenup is not necessarily easy, and it would also require the involvement of the court. Unfortunately, as some in Colorado may have noticed, billionaire Ken Griffin's divorce has been focused on whether the prenuptial agreement that he and his wife signed should be enforced.

Griffin's wife, Anne, has insisted that the prenuptial agreement be invalidated for a number of reasons. Mrs. Griffin claims that she was forced to sign the agreement while under duress, which should in and of itself void the agreement. Additionally, she would be left with only roughly 1 percent of her husband's billions.

However, Mr. Griffin has rebutted the accusation that his wife was unnecessarily pushed into signing the agreement. According to him, the agreement was signed weeks before their wedding, but only after she had negotiated the terms with three different law firms. He also pointed to an alleged $20 million that he paid her back in Dec. 2005, which he says was an advance for the $22.5 million lump sum that the prenup entitled her too. He also said he later shelled out another $5 million.

Unfortunately, disagreements over prenuptial agreements and whether they are valid can boil down  so-called "he said, she said" arguments. However, when executed correctly, a prenuptial agreement is typically difficult to break or invalidate. Despite that, if an individual in Colorado believes that their prenuptial agreement is unfair or not valid on any number of grounds, divorce proceedings must move forward to the court system, where a judge will issue a final decision concerning the agreement.

Source: Forbes, "Billionaire Ken Griffin Claims He Already Paid His Wife Tens of Millions In Divorce Case", Nathan Vardi, Oct. 2, 2014

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