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Military divorce presents many challenges

Military law in both the criminal and civil courts often include different standards than the normal stipulations. Additionally, these cases present different challenges as well regarding military pensions, deployment and child custody. Luckily, help is available in Colorado for any active or retired military member going through a military divorce.

For active military members, the main issue when going through a military divorce is often child custody. While the military member wants to spend as much time with his or her children as possible, but deployment -- and the possibility of it -- creates many complications. If a parent is deployed for a long amount of time, it may seem like an uphill challenge to get joint or shared custody.

Another complication is if both parents are active members of the military and they have a child together. The arrangements can often rely on where each parent is deployed. If they are very far apart, further complications regarding which parent pays the travel costs may also surface. Additionally, the laws vary by state, and -- in this situation -- the child may be moving around a lot. That could make it challenging to determine that child's "home state" and the laws that apply.

Navigating a military divorce, particularly when a child is involved, can be difficult. It is not always clear what type of custody may be best for the child. Advice and guidance from an experienced professional in Colorado may prove to be invaluable. Divorce is a stressful enough situation, but help is available that could assist the separating spouses by relieving some of that stress and focusing on a workable solution.

Source: Kansas First News, "Deployments cause unique challenges for military divorce", Amy Himmelberg, Aug. 30, 2014

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