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January 2014 Archives

January dubbed as the divorce month

It is now January and most Colorado couples may still be recovering from last month's festivities and heartaches. Trying to keep a stiff upper lip in front of family members and especially the children can be difficult. Now that the holidays are over, it may be time to starting thinking about the future. Whether to stay with the family or go ahead and file for divorce is the question many seem to ask themselves this time of year.

Rap star Ludacris seeks child custody of daughter

It may not be as common for many Colorado residents to hear that an unmarried father of a child requests custody. However, these days, men are stepping up more and more and taking on child custody battles in order to be a part of their children's lives. The rapper known as Ludacris is trying to do this for a baby that he has yet to meet.

Tips to becoming stronger after a Colorado divorce

Some married couples eventually reach the point in a marriage when they decide to divorce. It is obvious to both parties that they may be better as separate individuals than they are as a couple. Colorado couples may even be experiencing this in their own marriage right now. However, going through a divorce is often easier said than done.

Looking toward the holidays after a Colorado divorce is final

The 2013 holiday season is over, and so are many Colorado couples' marriages. Getting a divorce and starting over may be a New Year's resolution, but in just 11 months, people will be gearing up for the 2014 holiday season. Still, within the aftermath of the holidays, many people may be wondering how they will get through their first holiday alone.

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