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Some questions to ask when beginning a divorce

Most Colorado couples in first marriages are not usually experts regarding the intricacies of divorce. There are many things to consider for those facing divorce proceedings, like how assets are divided and where and with whom the children will live. The parties may not even know what questions they should ask regarding the entire process.

One of the first questions that many ask is: "How much will this process cost?" It can be costly, depending on a number of factors. Factors such as how long the couple was together, how many minor children the parties share and how many assets need to be divided can influence the cost of a divorce. The longer it takes to reach a settlement that both parties can live with, the more money it may cost. Divorce mediation may cut costs by helping the parties agree on the major issues outside of the courtroom.

Other important questions, like how spousal support and child support are calculated and how visitation is determined, need to be addressed in the beginning of the divorce proceedings. Some information is needed from each parent to accurately determine the overall financial picture in order for the court to make a judgment. This means disclosing all assets and bank accounts, all properties and earnings.

The Colorado court system has guidelines on how some of the major issues are to be handled. The state calculates child support and alimony based on each parent's ability to pay. Divorce can seem to be an unpleasant experience if not properly handled. It may seem like a battle at first, but with some compromises, both parties can walk away satisfied. When all of the major issues have been addressed and agreed upon, then the couple may begin their lives as individuals and start looking toward making their new life.

Source: Huffington Post, Divorce Confidential: Asking the Right Questions in a Divorce, Caroline Choi, Dec. 4, 2013

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