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Many Colorado spouses concerned about the cost of divorce

As the economy continues to slowly recover, many in Colorado are still facing lower incomes and higher levels of debt than in years past. For couples with marital troubles, financial difficulties could affect their ability to end their marriage and move forward in their lives. Uncertainties about what it will cost to process a divorce is a legitimate concern, but worries about the financial side of divorce should never be the deciding factor in whether to stay or go.

When surveyed, respondents claim that the cost of a divorce ranks at the top of their list of concerns. Closely behind were uncertainties about the length of time needed to complete the divorce process and how alimony would be computed. No matter which side of the financial equation a spouse sits, uncertainties about the financial details of a divorce can be a significant source of stress.

For those who worry that divorce will bring financial harm, it is imperative to understand the many ways that an individual can help to control the costs of a divorce. Simply being prepared for meetings with one's attorney, and having access to the required documents can greatly reduce legal fees. In addition, having an attorney who is willing and able to pursue one's financial interests in court is essential to a favorable outcome. Divorce involves the fair and equitable distribution of family assets, and understanding the most advantageous manner in which to divide those assets can make a world of difference to the ultimate bottom line.

Colorado spouses who are considering divorce and who are worried about the cost of the process should take action to alleviate those concerns. The first step involves meeting with a divorce attorney to go over one's financial scenario and work out an estimate of the cost of processing a divorce, as well as the probable breakdown of property division, child support or alimony, where appropriate. As with anything that brings a degree of worry, having a full understanding of the issue can help offset the stress of uncertainty.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Study Indicates That Cost Of Splitting Up Is Top Concern For Divorcing Couples," Aug. 1, 2013

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