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August 2013 Archives

Parents kidnap their own children after child custody battle

For a parent, there can be few events more stressful than being faced with the risk or reality of losing their right to raise their own child. Child custody cases are among the most heavily litigated and contentious forms of law that come before the courts, in Colorado or elsewhere. However, even in the midst of emotionally trying times, it is important that parents follow the rules and procedures outlined within state law to fight for their parental rights.

Many Colorado spouses concerned about the cost of divorce

As the economy continues to slowly recover, many in Colorado are still facing lower incomes and higher levels of debt than in years past. For couples with marital troubles, financial difficulties could affect their ability to end their marriage and move forward in their lives. Uncertainties about what it will cost to process a divorce is a legitimate concern, but worries about the financial side of divorce should never be the deciding factor in whether to stay or go.

Woman stuck with ex-husband's debt after divorce despite prenup

Many people take their time before jumping into a marriage. However, other people in Colorado and others states are different and decide to take marriage like a roller coaster ride which can move fast but can also come to an abrupt stop. One woman did this when she married her husband after just four weeks of dating, but found herself in the middle of a divorce after three years.

Tips for 'moving on' after a Colorado divorce

No one ever said that the divorce process would be easy. During divorce, both parties have to deal with the emotional stress and mental stress of restructuring their lives without the spouse. If the couple has children, their well being must also be taken into consideration during this time. Although, in the end, every divorcing couple will eventually have to accept what has happened and move on. This process can be easier for couples in Colorado as well as in the rest of the country if one follows some simple steps.

Same-sex divorce in Colorado under civil union law

Depending on how much is at stake in a divorce, the process can become a tricky situation. It may be even trickier when a same-sex couple decides to divorce. Since Colorado seven passed a civil union law, seven dissolution cases of same-sex couples have been filed in the courts.

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