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Controlling the length and cost of a Colorado divorce

Many Colorado spouses dread filing for divorce, often due to feeling powerless about the process. Spouses feel that they have no control over how lengthy or expensive their divorce may be, and are unsure how disruptive the transition could become. There is good news, however, in a recently published article that outlines how spouses can take control over their divorce and minimize the time, cost and stress associated with the end of a Colorado marriage.

One way to minimize emotional turmoil throughout the divorce process is to avoid involving any unnecessary parties. Friends and family often feel that they are being supportive by taking sides, but the net effect of bashing one's spouse is a negative emotional state. In addition, including others in what should be a very personal time between you and your future ex can easily complicate the situation. Just as two people entered into a marriage, it should be two people who disentangle at the end.

Another consideration that could greatly reduce time and legal fees involved being as prepared as possible. This can be accomplished by creating a timeline for the process, and sharing those expectations with one's attorney and all other professionals involved in the divorce. By setting goals and making efforts to reach or exceed them, both spouses can minimize the time needed to complete the process. Reduced time means reduced legal fees, as well, which can help keep the cost of divorce to a minimum.

Above all else, Colorado spouses who work together to navigate their divorce can walk away with far more of their wealth preserved, and in far less time, than a couple who argues over minor details. This approach can reduce tension and emotional turmoil, and sets the stage for the ability to communicate with one's ex in a friendly manner in the future. The end result can be less stress and more time and energy to devote to one's plans for their single life, which is a far more positive endeavor than remaining stuck in the past.

Source: Huffington Post, "5 Tips for a Easier, Quicker and More Cost-Effective Divorce," Jim Halfens, May 28, 2013

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