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May 2013 Archives

Viewing your Colorado divorce in a positive light

Many Colorado spouses put off filing for a divorce in the belief that the process will be lengthy, contentious and expensive. We delay moving forward in our lives for fear that the dissolution of a marriage must always be a time of negativity and stress. One recently published article, however, urges spouses to reframe the manner in which they think about divorce, and look at the many positives that can come from this transition between married and single.

Understanding your child's emotions during a divorce

Colorado residents may be familiar with the divorce process and know firsthand how hard it can be. Divorce involves two people, but it typically affects more than two if there are children involved. Being in the middle of two divorcing parents can put a mental and emotional strain on the mind of an adolescent. Children may feel a sense of guilt of which parents may not be aware.

Charlie Sheen supports unusual child custody matter

It is not often that Colorado readers would turn to actor Charlie Sheen for an example of sound judgment and parenting wisdom, but that may be the case in recent days. The actor, who has struggled with longstanding substance abuse issues, is making headlines across the nation. This time, the spotlight is aimed at a recent child custody decision involving the actor and two of his former wives.

Tips for parents in midst of a Colorado divorce

Residents of Colorado may be familiar with divorce. Divorce can be an emotional trying time and those involved sometimes experience grief, anger, hurt and despair. On top of these emotions, there are still additional stressors outside of divorce to deal with such as work, kids and paying the bills. Divorce can be hard on the husband and wife, but it is often even more trying for the children involved. Parents can help smooth over the waters and help everybody involved get through the troubling times.

How college factors into a Colorado divorce

For many Colorado parents, sending a child off to college is a milestone that ranks as high as any other. The move signifies the end of a successful upbringing, the transition between childhood and adulthood, and is a source of pride for both parents and children. Funding a college education can be a far different experience, however, especially for families that have not adequately planned for that expense. This can be especially trying for families that have gone through a divorce.

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