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Planning for a Colorado divorce consultation

When a spouse fears that divorce is on the horizon, one of the first steps usually taken involves scheduling a consultation with a divorce attorney. While some feel a measure of guilt in seeing an attorney without the knowledge of their partner, such a step is nothing more than savvy planning against an uncertain future. In some cases, the relationship will be repaired, and the advice received in the consultation will not need to be put into play. In others, sitting down with an attorney can make a sizable difference in the bottom line of a Colorado divorce proceeding.

Social Security benefits following a Colorado divorce

Colorado spouses who divorce often look back and wish that they had made different choices during the negotiation process. In many cases, emotions interfere with one's decision-making faculties, and choices are made without an eye toward long-term financial goals. One aspect of divorce that often suffers is retirement planning, and how the division of assets can support or undermine one's retirement funding.

Re-evaluating retirement options following divorce

As a Colorado couple ages, retirement planning becomes more prominent in the family's budgeting and investment strategies. Many couples spend a great deal of time discussing their vision of the golden years, and planning how they will fund this portion of their lives. However, when divorce enters the picture, retirement plans come crashing down. And each spouse is left to pick up the pieces and rebuild a retirement strategy as a single person.

Paternity issues can play into family law cases

For some Colorado parents, struggles over child support elicit a great deal of contention, often leading to one or more court appearances. In certain family law cases, questions over paternity can complicate the matter, leaving fathers in a position to face punitive measures for failure to pay child support to a child they believe is not their own. This can be a delicate area of law, as evidenced by a recent East Coast ruling that has received widespread media coverage.

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