Your Rights As A Parent Don't End With Divorce

All family law attorneys will tell you they handle child custody, but not all family law attorneys truly understand child development. A substantial number of family law firms have attorneys that are just out of law school and have no children, or are senior attorneys whose children have long left the household. These attorneys, while well meaning, are unlikely to understand the practical aspects of what you are going through as a modern parent. We can relate. We understand the problems to solve.

In a custody and decision making disputes, if you want to get results, it is critical to understand the process, your options, and what "not to do." Parenting rights can be won or lost by making the wrong decision at the wrong time.

Knowing Criminal Law Makes the Difference

Because all of our attorneys also practice criminal law, we are able to deal with criminal issues when they come up. Criminal issues come up constantly in family law cases, even in families that have no prior history with the police. Children are often victims of abuse, or exposed to crimes, drug use, and domestic violence. Juveniles get themselves caught up in the system.

You will find a significant number of "family law firms" that do not practice criminal law. Or, there is only one or two attorneys in the firm that also practice criminal law. These family law attorneys have to send you down the hall, or worse - across town -- to see another attorney and tell your story all over again. It pays to have a single attorney handling the situation from all sides. We can defend you against allegations, advise you as to how crimes or allegations of crimes involving family members may impact your parental rights, or get emergency orders for protection when a parent or guardian's criminal activity is endangering the mental or physical health of the children.

Finding The Right Path

Whether you and the other parent have come to terms on how you would like to share parenting time or you need us to litigate on your behalf in court, we are fully prepared to help. We will listen to your needs to develop a parenting plan that works. We understand that the relationship between you and your children is critical in both your life and theirs. That is why we work closely with you to create a parenting plan that meets your needs and always represents what is best for your children. You can rely on our knowledge in family law to guide you down the right path.

The Right Team

A Firm Built on Child Development and Stepfamily Experience.

Brandon Ceglian has a long history of experience with child development and stepparent relations. He spent a number of years as an aftercare provider for K-5 and has 3 children of his own. He was raised by an adopted father and his mother, a renowned professor of child development and family and stepfamily relations at South Dakota State University. As political science major, he studied the social sciences, and he worked his way through college and law school as a caregiver for the mentally/physically disabled. It is these life experiences that led Brandon Ceglian to the practice of family law.

Firm Manager, and Legal Assistant, Anna Gray, also brings helpful insight as a former Social Service Aide in Child Protection Services, and a Case Manager at the Brandon Center in Denver Colorado, which provides shelter and counseling services to women and children that are homeless and/or victims of domestic violence. In 2003, Ms. Gray received her Certificate in Family Support Work from the Social Work Department at the Metropolitan University of Denver.

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