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Actress Tasha Smith must pay spousal support to ex

Actress Tasha Smith starred in the well known film "Why Did I Get Married?" After her recent divorce, she might be asking herself the same question. There was significant drama during the marriage, with each party receiving a restraining order amid mutual claims of fear for personal safety. Colorado readers may be relieved to learn that a settlement has been reached, though Smith is apparently unhappy about the amount of spousal support she is now required to pay.

Apple CEO divorce battle may not be over

Although the divorce was final in 2011, the battle between Apple executive John Sculley and his ex-wife may not be over. The former Mrs. Sculley has recently filed a lawsuit that claims her ex-husband hid millions of dollars in assets at the time of their divorce. If these claims are true, that would mean that their divorce agreement, particularly regarding spousal support, property division and other financial terms, may not fairly reflect an equitable distribution of marital assets. 

Some questions to ask when beginning a divorce

Most Colorado couples in first marriages are not usually experts regarding the intricacies of divorce. There are many things to consider for those facing divorce proceedings, like how assets are divided and where and with whom the children will live. The parties may not even know what questions they should ask regarding the entire process.

Using experts during the divorce process in Colorado

People in Colorado that are getting divorced typically have many questions. People usually turn to friends or relatives, but they may have questions or issues that family and friends are just not able to deal with or answer. Finding an expert in a particular field, such as a financial advisor or an appraiser, may help answer questions and assist in preparing for divorce negotiations and court proceedings, if necessary.

Same-sex divorce in Colorado under civil union law

Depending on how much is at stake in a divorce, the process can become a tricky situation. It may be even trickier when a same-sex couple decides to divorce. Since Colorado seven passed a civil union law, seven dissolution cases of same-sex couples have been filed in the courts.

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