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Trying to do your own divorce may lead to mistakes

When a couple is considering having a divorce, they may have some common misconceptions about the process. One of the most common misconceptions for Colorado separating spouses is the assumption that the couple may be able to navigate the complex divorce process on their own. However, there are several areas that could be overlooked when couples try to do their own divorce.

Key steps to take when preparing for divorce in Colorado

Choosing to get a divorce is sometimes a difficult decision to make. Typically, both parties have very emotional opinions on what they think they should do, and this stress may only make the circumstances harder with which to properly deal. However, there are a few steps that Colorado separating spouses would do well to address when considering filing for divorce.

Addressing retirement plans in the divorce process

A divorce in which finances were not properly addressed and divided can have very negative effects on the finances of both parties. One aspect that many people simply do not address during a divorce -- particularly during so-called gray divorces -- is retirement. If not properly addressed, or properly divided, it could have negative effects on the future of an individual seeking a Colorado divorce.

After divorce and child custody issues, co-parenting can work

While most Colorado couples wish divorce wasn't in their vocabulary, the truth of the matter is that it is a reality in today's society. Unfortunately, divorce brings a whole myriad of emotions with it. This is especially true when children are involved and child custody has to be determined. However, co-parenting after divorce doesn't have to be difficult if the parents are equipped with the necessary knowledge to make it work.

Rap star Ludacris seeks child custody of daughter

It may not be as common for many Colorado residents to hear that an unmarried father of a child requests custody. However, these days, men are stepping up more and more and taking on child custody battles in order to be a part of their children's lives. The rapper known as Ludacris is trying to do this for a baby that he has yet to meet.

Dealing with divorce depression in Colorado

Many here in Colorado who have been through a divorce know the emotional devastation that it leaves in its wake. The endless stream of questions that race through one's mind after a divorce can almost drive someone to a dark place in his or her life. The first step in getting on with a new life is to leave the old one behind and know that a happy ending is waiting.

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