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Spending on rings and weddings may be indicator of future divorce

For many couples, the planning and expense of paying for their wedding day may come with an even higher and unexpected cost. Some researchers have found that there appears to be a connection between how much is spent on the rings and ceremony, and the likelihood of a divorce. Colorado couples who have invested a significant amount into that wedding ring may find that the ring itself cannot prevent the demise of their relationship.

There is a path to emotional recovery after a divorce

The end of a marriage usually brings a vast array of emotions. While the relief that can be provided by seeking a divorce is the ultimate goal, the healing process to get there may take time. Colorado residents who are beginning the journey to a new life may benefit from learning about the path to emotional well-being after a dissolution.

Tax changes may have significant impact on divorce next year

The prospect of dissolving a marriage and determining the best settlement agreement is seldom an easy undertaking. Now, with the looming tax changes that will become effective next year, the push to settle during this year may become more pressing. Colorado residents who are uncertain as to how the tax revisions may impact their divorce may seek more information from knowledgeable professionals.

The decision to divorce may still mean the marriage was a success

There was a time when the exchanging of wedding vows indicated that the parties intended to remain together until death. As time and society has changed, the idea of a marriage ending in a divorce became much more acceptable. Colorado residents who are considering their own dissolution may be relieved to learn that even a successful marriage sometimes can end in a divorce.

Individuals share lessons learned after a later-in-life divorce

When a couple exchanges vows, they likely intend for them to last for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, even marriages that have lasted for years may be vulnerable to divorce over time. Colorado residents who are contemplating a later-in-life divorce may benefit from the experiences of individuals who have gone through one.

Later in life divorce can upend retirement planning

Pew Research polls indicate that the numbers of younger couple who are ending their marriages has declined in recent years. However, for those aged 50 and over, the divorce has more than doubled. There are many reasons why Colorado residents chose to seek a dissolution, but such decisions do not come without a price tag.

After a divorce, settlement agreement is the solution for dispute

The process of ending a marriage is frequently an emotionally draining experience. Once the final divorce decree has been granted, it does not always mark the end of interactions with a former spouse. Colorado residents who have endured the process may find that their settlement agreement can be the best source for resolving disputes.

Work-related stress may lead to increased risk of divorce

There are many reasons why a marriage may not survive. Some of the most common reasons that couples divorce are believed to be caused by extramarital affairs or by other changes in the relationship. Regardless of the reasons, Colorado residents who are considering taking this step often have many issues that may be difficult to resolve on their own.

Divorce expected to become more contentious with tax changes

The ending of a marriage is seldom an easy undertaking -- emotionally, mentally or financially. It is now expected that the new tax laws will make certain aspects of a divorce even more contentious for many Colorado spouses. While the changes will not be implemented until 2019, the latter half of 2018 is expected to keep family law attorneys quite busy.

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