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Residents who divorce in Colorado may need help finding assets

Divorcing in Colorado and elsewhere can be tough no matter what the circumstances. It is not enough for a person to know that the bills are being paid, he or she must also understand all the details of his or her finances before he or she files for a divorce. Fortunately, the three most common mistakes can be avoided.

Halle Berry's family law issue -- wants child support reduction

As the societal role of women changes, modern women are facing new challenges. For example, more and more female breadwinners arise each year, totaling nearly 40 percent of all mothers in the country. If these couples choose to go through a divorce or breakup, in Colorado or anywhere else in the country, then most likely the father of the child may be the one to receive child support payments instead of the wife or girlfriend, which has not been commonplace in previous generations. Actress Halle Berry is now facing this family law dilemma.

8 choices that will make divorce more amicable

Deciding to get a divorce is likely difficult to do. Once that decision is made, there are several other areas that both separating spouses need to address. There are eight major areas of contention during and even after the divorce is finalized, which also means that there are eight choices both Colorado spouses can make to improve their chances of having an amicable divorce.

Hints that it may be time for Colorado couples to divorce

If the words "happily-ever-after" or "'til-death-do-us-part" seem to make Colorado couples cringe, then it may be time to start looking for alternatives. Filing for divorce may be the best option for an unhappy couple to find future bliss. If any of the following hints sound all too familiar, then maybe it is time for a couple to initiate a marital split.

Some questions to ask when beginning a divorce

Most Colorado couples in first marriages are not usually experts regarding the intricacies of divorce. There are many things to consider for those facing divorce proceedings, like how assets are divided and where and with whom the children will live. The parties may not even know what questions they should ask regarding the entire process.

Using experts during the divorce process in Colorado

People in Colorado that are getting divorced typically have many questions. People usually turn to friends or relatives, but they may have questions or issues that family and friends are just not able to deal with or answer. Finding an expert in a particular field, such as a financial advisor or an appraiser, may help answer questions and assist in preparing for divorce negotiations and court proceedings, if necessary.

Men and financial obligation in Colorado divorce

Sometimes options such as counseling no longer work, and it seems as if no other option but divorce is left. Most Colorado couples know that divorce can be a scary concept. There is no magic handbook to help guide anyone though this emotional time. Men are generally not equipped to deal with their feelings as women are.

Colorado divorce: possible child support collection alternative?

When a couple makes the decision to end their marriage, the potential for something to be overlooked is high. Colorado couples that are getting a divorce and have children might have plans for property division, child support and possibly even visitation rights. However, one aspect that is sometimes overlooked is how the non-custodial parent will be able to meet the financial obligations of their children.

Many Colorado spouses concerned about the cost of divorce

As the economy continues to slowly recover, many in Colorado are still facing lower incomes and higher levels of debt than in years past. For couples with marital troubles, financial difficulties could affect their ability to end their marriage and move forward in their lives. Uncertainties about what it will cost to process a divorce is a legitimate concern, but worries about the financial side of divorce should never be the deciding factor in whether to stay or go.

Same-sex divorce in Colorado under civil union law

Depending on how much is at stake in a divorce, the process can become a tricky situation. It may be even trickier when a same-sex couple decides to divorce. Since Colorado seven passed a civil union law, seven dissolution cases of same-sex couples have been filed in the courts.

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