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Colorado father asserts his rights to challenge adoption

Recently, the Supreme Court of a neighboring state ruled in favor of a biological father in an adoption case. A Colorado man claimed that he was denied the opportunity to contest an adoption, and the court agreed. The mother of the child in question told the father that she planned to put the baby up for adoption. The Colorado adoption agency contacted the father-to-be, and he asserted his rights to parent the child himself.

Colorado couple denied adoption due to medical marijuana use

When it comes to matters of child custody, courts in Colorado and across the U.S. generally make the decision that is in the best interests of the child. However, the legalization of medical marijuana in our state may become a factor in some of these decisions. A couple who recently pursued adoption of their great-granddaughter ended up being denied because of their use of medical marijuana.

Poorly processed adoption leads to emotional child custody case

Colorado readers who would consider adopting a child into their family should take note of a recent court case that demonstrates the risks associated with a poorly managed adoption process. The unusual child custody battle has made headlines across the nation, and serves as a warning to not only adoptive families, but to expecting fathers. Sadly, the entire proceeding could have been avoided had the adoption agency at the center of the case acted responsibly toward all parties.

Colorado adoption both aided and harmed by technology

When it comes to technology, there can be little debate that the advancements seen in the past 50 years have been nothing short of astounding. In regard to communications, availability of information and the exchange of ideas, technology, especially the rise of the Internet, has greatly altered the way that we live. Virtually everything about the way that we conduct our lives has changed and evolved to accommodate the digital age, and the Colorado adoption process is no exception.

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