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Individuals share lessons learned after a later-in-life divorce

When a couple exchanges vows, they likely intend for them to last for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, even marriages that have lasted for years may be vulnerable to divorce over time. Colorado residents who are contemplating a later-in-life divorce may benefit from the experiences of individuals who have gone through one.

A divorce does not need to drain one financially

Just as planning a wedding can put a strain on a couple's finances, the end of a marriage can take an even greater toll. A divorce does not necessarily have to drain one's financial resources completely. Colorado residents who are contemplating this step can take cost-saving measures. 

Later in life divorce can upend retirement planning

Pew Research polls indicate that the numbers of younger couple who are ending their marriages has declined in recent years. However, for those aged 50 and over, the divorce has more than doubled. There are many reasons why Colorado residents chose to seek a dissolution, but such decisions do not come without a price tag.

After a divorce, settlement agreement is the solution for dispute

The process of ending a marriage is frequently an emotionally draining experience. Once the final divorce decree has been granted, it does not always mark the end of interactions with a former spouse. Colorado residents who have endured the process may find that their settlement agreement can be the best source for resolving disputes.

Work-related stress may lead to increased risk of divorce

There are many reasons why a marriage may not survive. Some of the most common reasons that couples divorce are believed to be caused by extramarital affairs or by other changes in the relationship. Regardless of the reasons, Colorado residents who are considering taking this step often have many issues that may be difficult to resolve on their own.

Divorce expected to become more contentious with tax changes

The ending of a marriage is seldom an easy undertaking -- emotionally, mentally or financially. It is now expected that the new tax laws will make certain aspects of a divorce even more contentious for many Colorado spouses. While the changes will not be implemented until 2019, the latter half of 2018 is expected to keep family law attorneys quite busy.

Woman forced to pay for abusive husband's divorce attorney

Colorado readers may be shocked to learn that a law on the books in another state requires victims of domestic violence to pay legal fees for their abusive spouse if the abuser is in prison. Making matters even worse, the legal fees in question aren't for criminal defense, but for divorce. That can make it hard for an abused spouse to find the strength and means to leave a dangerous marriage. 

Technology can be used to spy on spouses during divorce

It's no secret that divorcing spouses will often go to great lengths to get the upper hand in the process of ending their marriage. In the digital age, there are a multitude of gadgets and devices that can assist spouses who are trying to track the comings and goings of their partner. Understanding the legality of this approach is important and can help Colorado spouses avoid an unfavorable outcome in divorce court. 

New tax bill will impact many divorce cases

Very few Colorado residents are unaware that a new tax bill recently passed and was signed into law. The bill contains numerous changes to the current tax code -- one of which is of great interest to couples planning a divorce. Spouses tasked with paying alimony will soon lose the chance to claim those payments as a tax deduction. 

Tips on how to divorce a narcissistic spouse

Many Colorado spouses show the very worst sides of their personality when faced with the end of a marriage. In some cases, however, a spouse is truly aberrant in a clinical manner. Living with a narcissist is difficult; going through a divorce with one is downright unbearable. Here are some tips for moving through a divorce with a manipulative and deeply self-centered spouse.

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