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Study shows several reasons cited for seeking a divorce

According to some sources, the overall divorce rate seems to be declining. Regardless, the chances of a marriage ending in a divorce petition remain relatively high. As a result, researchers often try to discern the major reasons behind why a marriage may end. Colorado residents who are contemplating a divorce may be familiar with a few of these issues. 

Divorce missteps that can have negative financial consequences

When one is contemplating ending a marriage, it may be natural to focus on the emotional aspects. In reality, not paying close attention to the financial ramifications of a divorce may negatively impact one's future finances. Colorado residents who are preparing to divorce can avoid several mistakes that can harm them financially.

Law allows judge to determine custody of Fido in "ruff" divorce

At times, there may be no end to the issues that a warring couple can fight about when a marriage ends. Besides the division of marital assets and custody of children, another hot topic for spouses to bark about is who will get the dog. While pets have been viewed as property during divorce proceedings, for many Colorado residents, they are cherished members of their families and should be treated as such.

Social media may play a role in many divorce filings

There are many factors that play a role when a couple decides to end a marriage. Some of the most frequently cited reasons behind a divorce filing include infidelity and financial problems. Colorado residents who are facing an impending divorce may not be surprised that social media is also becoming a serious problem in relationships.

Does cohabitation really lead to greater risk of divorce?

For years, it was assumed that the studies that pointed to the danger that cohabitation presented to healthy marriages were accurate. However, during the past several years, more recent studies seemed to deny any link between living together before marriage and an eventual divorce. Colorado residents may be interested in learning, though, that the most recent in-depth report appears to confirm that a divorce is more likely for couples who choose to live together first.

Certain behaviors in marriage more likely to lead to a divorce

A successful marriage may be difficult to sustain simply based on the personalities of the two parties involved. If there are certain behaviors present for an extended period of time, then the chances for a divorce may increase. Colorado residents who are struggling with ongoing problems with their partner may decide that a divorce is the best option.

Woman seeks to update and streamline divorce process

While no one hopes that their marriage will end in a dissolution, there is a good chance that many Colorado residents will find themselves facing that prospect in the future. Divorce proceedings can be an exhausting process that takes a toll on one's emotional, mental and financial health. It is also an antiquated process in the eyes of one entrepreneur.

Therapists claim there is one key sign a divorce is more likely

Couples who decide to enter into a marriage likely have expectations that their relationship will last throughout their lives. Unfortunately, over time, people often change and may realize that a marriage is no longer sustainable. Colorado residents who have come to this conclusion may have experienced feelings of hopelessness that professionals claim is one of the key signs that a divorce is inevitable.

Divorce is a time for re-evaluation and changing priorities

Some say that the chances of a marriage ending in divorce is approximately 42 percent. Though many individuals may be caught off guard when their spouse files for divorce, others may agree that the relationship has run its course and is no longer viable. Colorado residents who are preparing for divorce may be concerned about how the process may impact them.

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