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Rate of military divorce filings appears to continue to drop

The stresses that active service members face are often incalculable. In many situations, it is understandable that a marriage falters under the demands of military life. However, the overall rate for military divorce filings has continued to decrease over the past decade. One of the factors that may lead to divorce for military families in Colorado is the psychological adjustments and loss of certain benefits when active duty ends.

How will a military divorce affect a former spouse's benefits?

The decision to wed an active service member comes with many considerations. With that being said, a military divorce also differs from a civilian one. Colorado residents who are contemplating a divorce from a service member may have many questions about how to proceed.

Knowing fact from fiction in military divorce matters

The decision to end a marriage is only the first step in the process of seeking a dissolution. If one is in the military, then having access to correct information regarding a military divorce becomes one of the most important considerations. Colorado residents who are filing for a divorce may be unaware of all of the facts regarding these types of divorces, which could lead to costly errors.

Military divorce does not mean parenting has to be sacrificed

An end of a marriage is full of many conflicting emotions and issues that must be resolved. If either or both spouses are service members, then either may worry that a military divorce will mean a strained relationship with their children. Colorado parents who are worried about the effect a divorce will have on their parenting can seek advice and counseling.

There are misconceptions concerning a military divorce

A marriage comes with many pressures, and when one or both spouses are active-duty service members, the stress may prove to be too much for the relationship. At that point, a dissolution may be the best option. There are some misconceptions concerning the differences between a military divorce and a civilian one. Colorado residents who may be considering filing a petition for a divorce may be tempted to believe some of the more common misconceptions.

Steps to take to begin a military divorce during a deployment

Life with an active duty service member can be challenging, especially during a deployment. During these stressful times, it is not uncommon for a spouse at home to be told that the service member wants a divorce. While this may feel like a devastating blow, there are steps that Colorado residents can take that will ease the process of seeking a military divorce.

Supreme Court rules on military divorce retirement matters

Making the decision to end a marriage is a big step and one that no Colorado resident takes lightly. Among the more pressing concerns that arise in a military divorce is the division of retirement benefits. In a case that recently went before the United States Supreme Court, the matter of how those benefits can and cannot be divided became a central focus. The result could lead to additional cases being reopened across the nation.

Can mediation be helpful in a military divorce?

Navigating a divorce is never easy, especially if one or both spouses are involved in the military. Military divorces typically have additional issues, and each spouse may want to take steps to gain the knowledge necessary to ensure all issues are addressed. The logical first step for each spouse might be to retain the services of an experienced Colorado military family law attorney who can provide the relative information related to a military divorce.

The rights of military personnel in case of divorce

Our Colorado divorce attorneys understand how difficult it can be to end a marriage, especially if one or both spouses are in the military. We understand the emotional and practical challenges that military families face, and we are prepared to seek the best possible outcome for our clients. Military personnel have certain rights during the divorce process, and it is our job to be sure that these rights are protected. 

Military divorce includes some special considerations

For some Colorado residents, there is no higher calling than serving his or her country. The job comes with certain stresses and dangers that are unique to the military, such as long deployments and the need to be ready to leave behind a family at any given moment. This can put a tremendous amount of strain on a couple, and in some cases leads to a military divorce.

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