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What are the financial topics to explore before a divorce?

In many relationships, one partner tends to earn more. Though these couples may assume that they share the same viewpoints on finances, they may later discover that they do not agree on key points. Colorado residents who are contemplating marriage or are concerned about how a divorce could impact them are encouraged to have a frank discussion about financial matters.

Reality couple's marriage "tanks"; wife seeks divorce

There are many reasons why a marriage may not last. If there are outside pressures such as a family-run business, then it may come as no surprise when one spouse files for a divorce. Colorado residents who operate a company often have genuine concerns over how their business will be affected.

1 files request for modification of divorce agreement

When a marriage ends, sometimes a higher-earning spouse may be ordered to make support payments to his or her former spouse for a specific time frame. These agreements are dependent on the unique circumstances that exist in a divorce settlement. If a Colorado resident believes that an agreement no longer meets the stipulated terms, he or she may have grounds to seek a modification.

Beloved movie still praised over handling of divorce and custody

In the entertainment industry, the end of a relationship is often either the subject of a romantic comedy or a thriller, as the two sides either reunite or end up harming one another. However, there is one movie that is still being praised over the way it handled the subject of divorce and child custody. Though the premise of "Mrs. Doubtfire" was far-fetched at best, it is likely that many Colorado families felt that it portrayed a realistic outcome as the parents learned to work together after a divorce.

Family law: Dealing with gopher parents in Colorado

Divorced gopher parents who keep popping in an out of their children's lives are not healthy. There are many family law tools in Colorado that can help parents as single individuals so this kind of thing doesn't happen. A gopher parent is usually one who doesn't have a hand in discipline and conveniently shows up usually when all is well and fails to stick around in the hard times, so co-parenting with this type of individual can be a challenge.

Stepparent adoption is another aspect of family law

When one thinks of adoption, it is likely that one pictures a home comprised of a mother and father who are opening their home to a child in need. However, another aspect of family law is the formal adoption of a child by a new stepparent. Though this is the second most common type of adoption, it is one that Colorado families may not consider to be as life-changing for the child involved.

General guidelines for parental visitation rights after divorce

Before 1999, the general terms that were used to refer to child custody and the time spent with a non-custodial parent were sole custody and parental visitation. There has been a concerted effort to ensure that children are permitted as much access to both parents as possible after a divorce or separation. Colorado has updated its laws to reflect the idea that children benefit the most from shared time with both of their parents.

The prenup conversation may lack romance, but it can ease divorce

In general, the majority of engaged couples focus on the idea that their vows will last the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, an estimated half of marriages will end in a divorce. In spite of the fact that it may not be a romantic topic, Colorado residents may discover that a conversation concerning a prenuptial agreement may be the most important one they will have.

Marital agreements might help prevent protracted disputes

In 2012, the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act was proposed in order to ensure that these types of contracts would be accepted by divorce courts equally. Though the intentions behind the Act are beneficial, only two states, including Colorado, have adopted it. Couples residing here may be in a better position when they seek to have marital agreements enforced in court.

Don't set aside financial goal setting during divorce

Moving through the end of a marriage is a busy time, but it is important for spouses to remain focused on their financial goals. The decisions made during a Colorado divorce will shape the financial futures of both spouses for many years to come. Setting solid goals during the divorce process is important. 

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