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Mother's struggle for child custody is complex issue

Parents who realize that their relationship is no longer viable are then faced with the decision of how to best raise their children. When there is intense animosity between them, it may then become a challenge to effectively settle the issue of child custody. Colorado families who are unable to resolve these disputes amicably may seek additional assistance. 

Court rules in child custody matter that parent can dictate diet

There are endless decisions that must be agreed upon when parents set out to raise children. In the event that there is a divorce, deciding on matters related to child custody may be difficult to resolve. Colorado parents who are unable to come to an agreement on important issues may seek a third party's input.

For family law and child custody, the right experience is key

The process of untangling two people's lives during a divorce can be complicated. If there are children involved, the prospect of determining child custody may seem almost impossible. Colorado residents who are facing a divorce or are struggling to settle a dispute over custody may feel as if the problems will never be resolved.

New law defaults to joint child custody

Over the past several decades, there has been a shift in the way family court judges determine whether one parent will be the primary caregiver. As a result, more and more parents are being awarded shared child custody. While every state has its own laws regarding this sensitive matter, Colorado courts generally lean toward a joint custody plan whenever it is appropriate.

An extra-marital affair may not have to affect child custody plan

Parents will usually agree that raising children is a difficult proposition under the best circumstances. In the event that there has been a divorce, then deciding who gets primary child custody can be a struggle, especially when one partner engaged in an extra-marital affair. It may surprise some Colorado parents to learn that cheating does not necessarily mean that the faithful parent will be awarded sole custody.

Father granted child custody after prolonged battle with mother

Once parents have determined that they are unable to maintain a relationship with one another, the toughest decision they will likely face is how to raise their children. This also includes deciding how to determine child custody in the event that shared custody is not a possibility. Colorado parents who are struggling to settle this vital issue may seek the advice of a neutral third party. 

Who gets to claim the Tax credit for the Child Dependency Exemption after a divorce?

An exemption is an amount of money you can subtract from your Adjusted Gross Income ("AGI") when calculating your tax burden, which can result in smaller tax bill. Parents may be able to claim an exemption for each qualifying child, called a Child Dependency Exemption ("CDE"). A child can only be claimed by one parent per year. As such, one of the collateral issues to a divorce with children is which parent gets to claim the children as a CDE on their personal tax return.

Fathers actively support new child custody proposal bill

When the relationship between parents comes to an end, children are frequently caught in the middle. In spite of each party's best intentions, child custody agreements often favor one parent over the other. Though Colorado has its own approach when determining parenting plans for minors, many states have recently reviewed how custody is decided.

Those with child custody struggling to receive support payments

Once the final divorce decree has been issued, many may think that the most difficult part is behind them. Unfortunately, those parents who have been awarded child custody may now struggle to make ends meet, especially when the court-ordered support payments do not arrive on a regular basis. There may be many Colorado parents who are either not receiving these vital payments or are finding it difficult to send the money in a timely manner.

Child custody is a challenge for disabled parents

When a Colorado court is faced with a custody challenge, the central focus is supposed to be the best interests of the child. That standard sometimes comes into direct conflict with parental rights, especially in cases where there are issues that are not exactly black or white. An example is found in child custody cases where disabled parents are accused of being unable to meet the needs of their children. 

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