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The truth about how women fare after divorce

Many of the longstanding beliefs that revolve around gender have been left behind in favor of a more objective approach. That said, there remain multiple assumptions that are made based on a person's gender, especially when it comes to Colorado divorce. An example lies in the belief that women who divorce are able to siphon assets earned by their husbands and go on to live lives of comfort and ease. Research shows that this belief is false, and that the truth of the matter is far different.

In American society, it is still common for a woman to set aside her own career path to take on the primary responsibilities associated with raising children and caring for the family home. This is true even in cases where the wife is educated and has embarked on a lucrative career. When a woman makes those decisions and the marriage is a strong and healthy one, the outcome is usually positive. However, if the marriage ends in divorce, the spouse who stayed home is usually placed at a serious disadvantage when it comes to re-entering the workforce.

Statistics suggest that women who divorce experience a 20 percent decline in their income. On the other hand, men enjoy an increase in their income that exceeds 30 percent. Women who are separated also fall into poverty at a rate nearly three times that of separated men.

There are many other factors that make divorce especially difficult for women who have left the workforce to care for their families. Often, they have limited access to the family's finances, and little-to-nothing in the way of their own savings or credit. If divorce becomes necessary, that leaves them with the challenge of funding their legal needs and living expenses while the divorce moves forward. While some in Colorado may believe that women emerge from divorce better off than when they entered that process, the facts tell a far different story.

Source:, "The Divorce Gap", Darlena Cunha, April 28, 2016

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