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Parents who are affected by military relocation do have rights

Most Colorado parents are focused on ensuring that their children have everything they need to succeed in life. One of the most important concerns is the involvement of both parents, regardless of their occupation or station in life. It is for this reason that the federal government established military regulations to protect the rights of servicemember parents, in situations related to active duty or relocation.

Whether the need for establishing child custody comes after a divorce or because both parents are active duty military personnel, it is vital to ensure that plans are in place that will protect both the child and the rights of these parents. In spite of having a plan in place, service members who are relocated or called up for active duty are encouraged to have a back-up plan. In many cases that plan typically involves the other parent, though this may present problems in itself that need to be addressed.

The military provides guidelines to help assure that active duty parents are protected when it comes to child custody issues. In addition, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act makes provisions for parents who are on assignment to delay any court actions in matters related to divorce or custody. Servicemembers have access to legal aid services who can provide additional information concerning how to defend against challenges to an individual's custody or visitation rights. 

If current custody arrangements do not address how to work out custody or visitation in the event of a relocation for military assignments, parents are urged to revisit these plans. Every state, including Colorado, has custody laws that help ensure that military parents have protections in these situations. Parents who are concerned about how to ensure they will be an important presence in the life of their child may benefit from consulting with an attorney who is well-versed in both civil and military family law regulations and procedures.

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