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Rate of military divorce filings appears to continue to drop

The stresses that active service members face are often incalculable. In many situations, it is understandable that a marriage falters under the demands of military life. However, the overall rate for military divorce filings has continued to decrease over the past decade. One of the factors that may lead to divorce for military families in Colorado is the psychological adjustments and loss of certain benefits when active duty ends.

According to 2018 figures, the divorce rate for military service members is approximately 3.0%. This number is a decrease of about 0.1% from 2017. However, this figure may not give an accurate picture since the numbers may be higher or lower based on the branch of service and marriage rates between males and females. When the data is examined based on female members, the rate is much higher at approximately 6.3%. If the rate is calculated based on enlisted men, then it drops to an estimated 2.6%

The divorce rate is based on the numbers of marriage at the beginning of the fiscal year and then adjusted based on the numbers of divorce filings. Pentagon officials break down the data into subgroups according to branch of service, enlisted versus officers, and male and female service personnel. One factor that has not been studied is whether the readjustment to civilian life plays a role in divorce. 

It is unknown whether leaving active duty takes a toll, but the loss of some benefits may add pressure to an already strained marriage. It is difficult to compare the military divorce rate with civilian numbers since not every state releases such data. Regardless of the reasons behind the decision, Colorado residents who are preparing to seek a military divorce may benefit from the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in both civilian and military laws and procedures in order to arrive at the best possible settlement.

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