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May 2019 Archives

Rate of military divorce filings appears to continue to drop

The stresses that active service members face are often incalculable. In many situations, it is understandable that a marriage falters under the demands of military life. However, the overall rate for military divorce filings has continued to decrease over the past decade. One of the factors that may lead to divorce for military families in Colorado is the psychological adjustments and loss of certain benefits when active duty ends.

Tech companies provide apps that can ease divorce and custody

In today's on-line world, there are many technological applications that claim to make life easier. When it comes to divorce and co-parenting, it may feel impossible to communicate clearly without dragging children into the middle of parental conflicts. However, there are several apps that may make both divorce and sharing custody less stressful for many Colorado families.

An attorney can help with divorce behind the scenes

In the current do-it-yourself society, many Colorado residents save money by working on a project themselves. While this may work for a variety of home improvement tasks, it is not recommended when seeking a divorce. Those who attempt the DIY approach run a serious risk of losing their rights to a fair settlement.

Parents: Expect some unexpected childcare expenses after divorce

Once the ink is dry on a decree after the marriage is over, many parents think that life will eventually settle into a fairly predictable pattern. However, as every parent comes to know, children come with many unanticipated expenses. Even after a divorce, Colorado parents can expect to have to communicate with a former spouse over unexpected costs relating to their children.

There are ways to minimize impact of divorce at work

The process of ending a marriage comes with tasks and emotions that must be handled during the course of one's regular duties. While it is impossible to keep one's personal and work lives completely separate, it is possible to reduce the impact of a divorce on the job. Colorado residents may wish to implement some strategies to minimize how much a divorce can affect the job.

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