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Don't forget to clean up electronic footprint during a divorce

The ending of a relationship comes with a list of tasks that need to be completed. One area that should not be overlooked is cleaning up all electronic devices and accounts that were jointly accessed during a marriage. Colorado residents who are preparing for a divorce may benefit better if they ensure that a former partner cannot access electronic accounts and devices. 

Along with the other items on a to-do list, changing passwords is a must. In the majority of marriages, spouses have access to one another's accounts, and in order to protect one's privacy going forward, changing passwords is a good first step. In addition, it is recommended to close shared accounts and open individual ones with secure passwords. This applies to all social media and streaming accounts, not just financial accounts. 

Once passwords have been updated, it is suggested that shared devices are re-set to factory settings after desired information is saved onto another device. This step will ensure that private data cannot be accessed by a former spouse and used in a manner that was unintended. In addition, for spouses who still parent minor children, an app that can help keep track of visitation schedules and other important data relevant to shared custody may be a useful tool to download on separate devices.

Lastly, spouses are encouraged to comb through their social media accounts and remove any posts that may reflect poorly on an individual. This could include comments made in haste or pictures that one no longer wishes to share publicly. It may be useful to make these accounts private until after a divorce is completed, even if the spouses remain cordial. A divorce is a time of turmoil with many details that must be addressed. Colorado residents may benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced attorney who can guide them throughout the proceedings.

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