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What is the best way to approach the topic of a divorce?

Unlike Hollywood's portrayal of an overly emotional declaration that a marriage is over, there is a better way of stating that one feels a relationship has run its course. The topic of a divorce is best approached in a manner that does not make the other spouse feel attacked or caught off guard. Colorado residents who have reached the conclusion that a divorce is their best option may benefit from carefully considering the time and place for such a discussion.

Marital professionals agree that when to tell a spouse that a divorce is pending can be crucial. This is not a time for angry declarations that the other partner failed. Professionals recommend that the topic is not brought up while one spouse is going through an emotional crisis or is feeling overwhelmed by other difficulties. It is further suggested that the location of such a discussion is also taken into consideration. Choosing a public setting or when children are nearby may only heighten the anxiety and emotional response of the other spouse.

If possible, such a decision may be best approached in the presence of a marriage counselor if this is a possibility. Doing so may allow a calm discussion rather than a heated debate. Those who are seeking the divorce may fare better by commenting that it seems as if both parties have become unhappy in the relationship rather than placing blame or making critical comments.

Once the topic of a divorce has been introduced, it may be better to avoid a detailed conversation concerning future property division or custody of children. Rather, couples are encouraged to save such conversations until both parties are in a position to discuss such matters civilly. Regardless of when this conversation takes place, the idea of going through a divorce is often intimidating. Colorado residents will likely fare better during the settlement negotiations if they choose to seek the guidance of skilled attorney.

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