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Study shows several reasons cited for seeking a divorce

According to some sources, the overall divorce rate seems to be declining. Regardless, the chances of a marriage ending in a divorce petition remain relatively high. As a result, researchers often try to discern the major reasons behind why a marriage may end. Colorado residents who are contemplating a divorce may be familiar with a few of these issues. 

One of the most common complaints cited as a reason for ending a marriage is lack of in-depth preparation for effective communication as a marriage continues. Opposing religious views are another reason that couples may separate. The level of involvement of in-laws is another area of marital stress. Husbands who do not include their in-laws or wives who cannot set boundaries for their in-laws have both been cited as a cause of marital strife and friction. In addition, health complications may erode the marital relationship as does the existence of domestic abuse -- both of which lead to feelings of inadequacy and a lack of trust.

Other serious issues are addiction and substance abuse problems. These behaviors also erode trust and place undo stress and strain on the emotional relationship as well as family finances. Monetary troubles are a high ranking source of problems in many marriages. Opposite approaches to handling money may have couples struggling to make ends meet and reach financial goals.

The top four issues that tend to lead to divorce are infidelity, immaturity at the time of the marriage, constant conflict and lack of serious commitment to each other. In order to complete this study, researchers relied on data supplied, in part, by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, as well as polling data. Colorado residents who are seeking a divorce of their own may enlist the help of an experienced attorney in negotiating an optimal settlement agreement.

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