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Child custody and parenting: simple steps to help children adjust

Once parents have agreed that a divorce is the best option, there are many other issues that may need to be resolved. One of the most important is determining what child custody arrangement will best meet the needs of the children. Though many Colorado parents struggle to remain on good terms with the other parent, doing so enables children to thrive.

During the divorce proceedings, parents may be too busy to change how they parent. Once the divorce is settled, many may seek to re-evaluate their parenting roles. However, for many children who will now be splitting their time between two homes, simply having clear and consistent rules and expectations from both parents will go a long way in helping them to adjust. Parents who can effectively communicate with each other may provide the most stability for their children.

Another step that can ensure children are well-adjusted is to refrain from making cruel or critical comments about the other parent. As children grow and begin to evaluate themselves, they try to determine which traits they take from which parent. Hearing unkind statements from one parent concerning the other may cause children to internalize these statements about themselves. It is also recommended that parents refrain from questioning children about the private details concerning the other spouse. Children who are quizzed about these things may feel torn between both parents. 

It is further suggested that parents do not need to change their roles in their children's lives for the wrong reasons. If one has never been involved in certain activities, he or she does not need to feel pressured to do so unless he or she desires to take on additional duties. Lastly, each parent is encouraged to allow the other their allotted time with the children without interference. Colorado parents who are finding it difficult to agree on a child custody plan may benefit from the guidance of a family law attorney.

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