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A prenuptial agreement can be common sense protection

Couples heading to matrimony are sometimes advised by well-meaning friends and family to get a prenup. Some may argue they have no intention of ever divorcing, or they may feel there are not enough assets to make a prenup worthwhile. These are just some of the reasons given by people who do not have a prenuptial agreement in Colorado. One's financial status at the time of a marriage does not preclude the possibility of a high-asset divorce later in life.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, recently announced that he and his wife are divorcing after many years of marriage. When they were married, Jeff Bezos was not worth anywhere near what he is now. According to Forbes Magazine, he is the richest man on earth.

The Bezos divorce is being filed in Washington State, which is a community property state. That means that any money earned by each spouse during the marriage, as well as property purchased, is considered community property that is owned equally by each partner and so is subject to being split in half in the divorce proceedings. So Jeff Bezos, whose approximate wealth is estimated to be $136 billion, could see his fortune reduced to half of that following the divorce.

No one knows what one's future will hold. Marriage is typically entered into as a loving partnership that neither person anticipates will end in divorce. But people change, and as they age, circumstances, goals and even dreams can change. Having a prenuptial agreement in Colorado need not be looked at as a lack of faith in the relationship but as a step that can be taken to protect both people from whatever the future may hold.

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