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Divorce missteps that can have negative financial consequences

When one is contemplating ending a marriage, it may be natural to focus on the emotional aspects. In reality, not paying close attention to the financial ramifications of a divorce may negatively impact one's future finances. Colorado residents who are preparing to divorce can avoid several mistakes that can harm them financially.

Discussions about prenuptial agreement often tough but necessary

When Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced via Twitter that they were filing for divorce, their announcement sparked a discussion over the value of pre-marital contracts. As it happens, the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, which could make the subsequent process more complicated. There may be many Colorado residents who are uncertain as to whether a prenuptial agreement could be beneficial for their circumstances.

A prenuptial agreement can be common sense protection

Couples heading to matrimony are sometimes advised by well-meaning friends and family to get a prenup. Some may argue they have no intention of ever divorcing, or they may feel there are not enough assets to make a prenup worthwhile. These are just some of the reasons given by people who do not have a prenuptial agreement in Colorado. One's financial status at the time of a marriage does not preclude the possibility of a high-asset divorce later in life.

Child custody and parenting: simple steps to help children adjust

Once parents have agreed that a divorce is the best option, there are many other issues that may need to be resolved. One of the most important is determining what child custody arrangement will best meet the needs of the children. Though many Colorado parents struggle to remain on good terms with the other parent, doing so enables children to thrive.

Law allows judge to determine custody of Fido in "ruff" divorce

At times, there may be no end to the issues that a warring couple can fight about when a marriage ends. Besides the division of marital assets and custody of children, another hot topic for spouses to bark about is who will get the dog. While pets have been viewed as property during divorce proceedings, for many Colorado residents, they are cherished members of their families and should be treated as such.

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