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Social media may play a role in many divorce filings

There are many factors that play a role when a couple decides to end a marriage. Some of the most frequently cited reasons behind a divorce filing include infidelity and financial problems. Colorado residents who are facing an impending divorce may not be surprised that social media is also becoming a serious problem in relationships.

A divorce attorney released a book concerning some of the root causes as to why marriages end in divorce. It has been his experience that, over the past several years, there are few couples who do not cite social media as being a factor. One reason may be because those who post on these sites purposely share only the most positive aspects of their lives, which may cause others to doubt their own life choices, including their partner. Those who are experiencing a troubled time in their marriages may be more inclined to search out other avenues for self-fulfillment.

Social media accounts provide an avenue for communication with others that can pose a threat to relationships that otherwise may have survived. The beginning of an end to a marriage may start with seemingly innocuous choices that lead to more damaging decisions over time. Those who feel as if their relationships are not living up to expectations may view the possibility of an extra-marital affair as a more tempting alternative due to interactions with others through social media platforms.

This author suggests that one way to avoid some of the more serious marital problems is to carefully weigh the decision to marry before making an impulsive choice. Sadly, regardless of the consideration that goes into a marriage, nearly half of them will end in a divorce. Colorado residents who have come to the realization that their marriage is irretrievably broken may be best served by seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney who can help them arrive at a settlement agreement that will meet their financial needs. 

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